Privacy Policy

The In bottega headquarters are in Sdrucciolo de Pitti 22r, Florence, Italy. In bottega is the Data
Controller that will protect your personal data with regards to the website of
and it will also guarantee the protection necessary to avoid any violation of that information.
In bottega implements all privacy policy and practice with regards to the gathering and the use of
all personal data and the rights pertaining to the rules and regulations for the protection of
personal information. In bottega updates its policies and practices for the protection of personal
data every time this is necessary and as required by law
You can reach the Data Controller at:

How does In Bottega collect and store your data?
The Data Controller collects and/or receives information pertaining to your person such as: name
and email which are needed by the Data Controller to provide you with the information you
submit as requested and to communicate with you even with promotional means provided by the
Data Controller through In bottega Newsletters. The Communication of your personal data will
pertain to the above objectives and will respond to any and all mandatory legal requirements.
Your information will in no way be used or referred to outside subjects that are even considered
as possible third parties.

What happens when you do not provide us with your information?
Your personal information and any information that is linked to you is necessary for us to provide
you with the answers to your request and strictly pertains to that goal and should they not be
given, will not allow us to provide you with Newsletters nor with any information and answers to
your querries.

How and for how long do we keep your information on file?
Your information is either treated with technological means or with manual means and only used
by the subjects that work for the Data Controller and for the reasons you have authorized.
Your personal data is stored, in the case of the technological means, with safety measures that are
adequate to contrast any violation of that information for the time necessary to the Data
Controller to provide you with the answers and information pertaining to your request. This
storage and safeguarding can be breached only when there is access requested by any legal
authorities due to specific events and any legal investigations that require information through
that specific data stored by the Data Controller

What are your rights?
The rights you are entitled to pertain to the control your information. Your specific rights include:

- access;
- change;
- cancellation;
- limit the use;
- oppose the use;
- portability

Your rights are guaranteed without fees or formalities in exercising them and therefore essentially
free of charge. You have the right to:

  • obtain a copy, even by email, of the data that you have requested. Should you require more copies, the Data Controller can ask for a reasonable monetary contribution;
  • obtain the cancellation of the same or to limit the treatment of or to rectify your data, unless there be other more important and legitimate reasons that overbear your request (i.e. public safety or environment regulations or to contain damaging processes through the Data stored by your Data Controller and legally required);
  • obtain any communication with regards to the use of your data subsequent to exercising your rights without delay within one month of your request, and in no case no longer than two months, unless fully motivated and properly communicated.

With whom can you process any claim you should have?
Save for any further administrative or legal claims, you can present your claim to the Control
Authority that exercises its powers within Italy, or where you have your own residence, or your
work place or if in a different location from the place of violation as per the (EU) 2016/679

If you have received this notification and you understand and agree to its content, the Data
Controller asks for your consent:
To send, on behalf of the Controller, any promotional communication and information via email,
sms, by phone or by mail

° yes, I consent
° no, I do not consent

Sdrucciolo de' Pitti, 22/R - 50125 Firenze

Photo credits: Melissa Ramondelli, Kate Sippey, Emma Cecilia Rosandich