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Lorenzo Borgheresi

This 'company' began in 1949 when Lorenzo Borgheresi, as a young man of 14 years, began working as a tinsmith (Stagnino) apprentice. Initially, he was given small jobs for learning the trade in a laboratory located at the Sdrucciolo dei Pitti, in the historic center of Florence. Despite the great distance from his home in the Valdarno, little Lorenzo went daily with a dedication to work because 'the enthusiasm and predisposition to the type of activity' were not lacking. After a stint in the military service, Lorenzo restarted the company with new model designs in modern materials such as brass, copper, and colored glass, creating the lanterns that have become characteristic. The star lantern is the most representative object of the company, which adapts to any type of furniture. Lorenzo added other models such as the Venetian and the Florentine street lamps, all in ancient style.

For 50 years his work continued to grow and his passion was transmitted to his son Fabrizio and son-in-law Stefano, who continue in the new headquarters located in the Santo Spirito district in via Toscanella, a few steps from the old Sdrucciolo workshop. They continue in the traditional hand-working methods learned over the years, using their experience to improve new ways of building and restoring.


Address: Via Toscanella, 26, r・50125 Firenze FI, Italy

Phone: +39 333 239 3681


Sdrucciolo de' Pitti, 22/R - 50125 Firenze

Photo credits: Melissa Ramondelli, Kate Sippey, Emma Cecilia Rosandich